Vol 1, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents



Effects of Persistent Organic Pollutants on the Immune System: The Case of Dioxins PDF XML
M Ebtekar Pages: 1-7
Bacteriophage Technique for Assessing Viral Removal in Constructed Wetland and Detention Pond Systems PDF XML
Z Yousefi, CM Davies, HJ Bavor Pages: 8-15
River Water Quality Zoning: A Case Study of Karoon and Dez River System PDF XML
M Karamouz, N Mahjouri, R Kerachian Pages: 1-2
Bioemulsan Production by Iranian Oil Reservoirs Microorganisms PDF XML
A Amiriyan, M Mazaheri Assadi, VA Saggadian, A Noohi Pages: 28-35
"Identification of the Water Pollutant Industries in Khuzestan Province " PDF XML
N Jafarzadeh, S Rostami, K Sepehrfar, A Lahijanzadeh Pages: 36-42
"Vermistabilization of Municipal Wastewater Sludge with Eisenia fetida " PDF XML
A Parvaresh, H Movahedian, L Hamidian Pages: 43-50
Application of Intelligent System for Water Treatment Plant Operation PDF XML
A Mirsepassi Pages: 51-57
Comparision of Langmuir and Freundlich Equilibriums in Cr, Cu and Ni Adsorption by Sargassum PDF XML
B Barkhordar, M Ghiasseddin Pages: 58-64
Biological Treatment of Dairy Wastewater by Sequencing Batch Reactor PDF XML
A Mohseni-Bandpi, H Bazari Pages: 65-69
Optimization of SPE for Analysis of Mandelic Acid as a Biomarker of Exposure to Ethyl Benzene PDF XML
SJ Shahtaheri, M Abdollahi, F Golbabaei, A Rahimi-Froushani, F Ghamari Pages: 70-80
Ecological Capability Evaluation of Rural Development by Means of GIS PDF XML
J Nouri, R Sharifipour Pages: 81-90
Use of Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) in Treatment of Wood Fiber Wastewater PDF XML
H Ganjidoust, B Ayati Pages: 91-96