Vol 1, No 1 (2004)

Table of Contents



Performance of a Direct Horizontal Roughing Filtration (DHRF) System in Treatment of Highly Turbid Water PDF XML
A H Mahvi, M Ahmadi Moghaddam, S Nasseri, K Naddafi Pages: 1-4
Removal of Chloroform (CHCl3) from Tehran Drinking Water by GAC and Air Stripping Columns PDF XML
M T Samadi, S Nasseri, A Mesdaghinia, M R Alizadefard Pages: 5-11
Characteristics of Fenton’s Oxidation of 2, 4, 6 Trichlorophenol PDF XML
M Farrokhi, A Mesdaghinia, A R Yazdanbakhsh, S Nasseri Pages: 12-18
A Survey on PET Recycling Problems in Qom City, Iran PDF XML
Gh Omrani, S Nasseri, A H Mahvi, Y Ghafuri Pages: 19-23
"Evaluation of Lyophilization Effects on Operational Parameters and Characteristics of Activated Sludge " PDF XML
K Naddafi, Gh Moosavi, A Mesdaghinia Pages: 24-29
Survey on Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of PAH-Contaminated Soils in Iran PDF XML
M Arbabi, S Nasseri, A Mesdaghinia, S Rezaie, K Naddafi, Gh Omrani, M Yunesian Pages: 30-37
The Effect of Lime Stabilization on the Microbiological Quality of Sewage Sludge PDF XML
B Bina, H Movahedian, I Kord Pages: 38-42
Comparison of Iran Power Plants Air Pollutants Before and After Shifting to Natural Gas PDF XML
M Ghiasseddin Pages: 43-45
Enhanced Tolerance of House Mosquito to Different Insecticides due to Agricultural and Household Pesticides in Sewage System of Tehran, Iran PDF XML
H Vatandoost, L Ezeddinloo, A H Mahvi, M R Abai, EB Kia, I Mobedi Pages: 46-50