Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 2005. 2(2):26-30.

Survey of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Yazd University of Medical Sciences Students about Solid Wastes Disposal and Recycling
MH Ehrampoush, MH Baghiani Moghadam


The risk of unhealthy disposal of solid waste is one of the important problems in many societies, and recycling is considered as a solution for managing solid wastes. Environmental knowledge and attitude of young people (like students) appears to be crucial as their point of view ultimately plays an important role in providing solution to future environmental problems. In this study the knowledge, attitude and practice of Yazd University of Medical Sciences students in respect of disposal of solid wastes and the important factors were studied. Two hundred thirty seven students were included in this cross-sectional study, selected from 5 schools of this university. Data collected by a self administered questionnaire containing four sections, were analyzed using SPSS for Windows. The mean grade of knowledge of men and women was 13.53 and 12.38, of 20, respectively. The difference between the knowledge of males and females was significant (P< 0.016). On the whole the knowledge of the students was not appropriate. About 66% of students did not have any action in segregation and recycling of solid wastes. It is concluded that all students must take part in formal and informal education classes to promote their knowledge in this regard.


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