Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 2006. 3(2):85-90.

"Effect of organic loading on the performance of aerated submerged fixed-film 85 reactor (ASFFR) for crude oil-containing wastewater treatment"
H. Izanloo, A. R. Mesdaghinia, R. Nabizadeh, S. Nasseri, K. Naddafi, A. H. Mahvi, Sh. Nazmara


An aerated submerged fixed-film (ASFF) bioreactor was developed to treat an artificial wastewater based on crude oil. Bee-Cell 2000 was used as support media having porosity of 87% and a specific surface area of 650 m2/m3. The system was able to achieve 83.14–97.05 percentage removal efficiencies of soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD) in the organic loading rate range of 0.84 to 9.41 g SCOD/ Results showed that the effluent SCOD concentration ranged between 18.93 and 100.93 mg/L at organic loadings experienced. Therefore, an ASFF process showed that it was feasible to treat high oily wastewater in order to meet the discharge standards.


Aerated submerged fixed-film (ASFFR) bioreactor, SCOD removal, attached growth, organic loading rate, oily wastewater, discharge standards,

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