Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 2007. 4(1):57-60.

A. Vahabi, J. Rafinejad, P. Mohammadi, F. Biglarian


Cockroaches play an important role in transmission of different diseases either mechanically and occasionally biologically. The aim of current study was on the identification of cockroaches and their contamination to different bacteria in two hospitals affiliated to the Kordestan University of Medical Sciences which was performed in 2003. Cockroaches were collected from different parts using sticky traps, direct collection, and by means of vacuum cleaner. Collected cockroaches were identified according to the reliable systematic keys. Some of the collected cockroaches were selected randomly for the presence of bacteria in their external parts as well as in the digestive tract using specific culture media. Totally 450 specimens were collected. From which 44.4% identified as American Cockroach, Periplaneta Americana and remaining German cockroach, Blattella germanica. Among collected cockroaches 58 specimens of German cockroaches and 40 American cockroaches were selected to search for the presence of bacteria. Results of culture media exhibited that 89.8% (88.98) of cockroaches were positive to the bacteria. The bacteria were found mainly on external parts (67%) and remaining from alimentary canal. The main common bacteria was found Escherichia coli, however, only 5.1% was Escherichia sp., which was found on external parts. Among two hospitals it is found that Tohid hospital was more infected (97.5%). In the hospitals the infectivity of American cockroaches was more prevalent than other species. All the American cockroaches and 70% of German cockroaches were infected to at least one bacterium. Result showed that the presence of cockroaches in the hospitals can threaten the health of hospitalized patients. Both cosmopolitan species was found infected in the hospitals. Sanitation of different departments as well as different method of control is recommended in the context of Integrated Vector Management for cockroach control.



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